Providing Peace of Mind in Caring for Your Loved Ones
We are sad to say that Shellie Tomkin has passed away on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018.

She fought her whole life to be and stay well; this battle she could not win. While she has left wonderful friends and family, she always will be in our hearts.

Shellie was a woman who was committed to making a difference in people's lives. When she worked in the financial arena, she always encouraged her staff to grow and succeed. One of her dreams was to graduate from college, which she eventually did in later years. She eventually launched her Elder Care business where she went beyond the call of duty, helping her clients get the best care, bills and insurance taken care of, etc. Many families of her clients, stayed in touch with her long after their loved ones had departed. She loved to laugh, travel, go to school, learn, and even got Arline, her dear friend/"sister" to fall in love with dogs. Shellie had a strong connection to Israel and following some Jewish traditions was important to her.

While Shellie will be missed by many, she is finally at peace and will forever be in our hearts.

If anyone wants to communicate with the family, Arline's e-mail is

Shellie Tomkin Elder Care Services

Compassionate Elder Care When You Can’t Be There

Whether your loved ones are recovering from a hospital stay, have a chronic illness, or simply require care, Shellie Tomkin will ensure that they receive the assistance they need—from paying bills and balancing checkbooks to ensuring that home care aides keep on top of general household duties.

With years of experience in elder care, Shellie is a trusted connection between you, your loved ones, and those providing them in-home care. More than that, she is the familiar face and the friendly conversation missing from many services for the elderly.

Her long-term and short-term elder care services are ideal for adult children who are overwhelmed or who live too far away to care for their loved ones as they would like.

Shellie’s weekly phone calls keep you appraised of your loved one’s condition, alert you to any changes so you can take appropriate action, and provide peace of mind.

Carol Kamine-Brown

As the CEO of a licensed home care agency, I’ve found Shellie Tomkin to be an invaluable resource for clients and their families. Whether she is handling daily money management, or providing me with feedback on her observations of the home health aides’ job performance and attentiveness to clients, she displays professionalism, reliability, and a genuine concern for clients. Especially for older/infirm adults whose only support system is geographically at a distance, Shellie fills this gap very nicely.

- Carol Kamine-Brown, Executive Director
Concerned Home Managers of the Elderly, Inc.(COHME)

Shellie TomkinMeet Shellie

Shellie is active in the New York elder care community and is dedicated to helping the elderly thrive with dignity, respect, and a superior quality of life.

An Elder Care Story

While assisting with a client’s financial records, Shellie discovered that they were entitled to a $70,000 reimbursement on their medical bills.
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What Shellie’s Clients Say

“As a working single person, I’m not always able to meet my father’s needs. You gave me the peace of mind that he got all the personal necessities he requested, and occasionally kept him company. Read more…

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